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Our real-time data streaming infrastructure is built on-top of the AWS Kinesis Data Streams service, as such we will be connecting Rudderstack to Shaped via the Kinesis Data Stream Event Streaming Destination.

To begin connecting your Rudderstack account, reach out to the Shaped team who will provision a real-time dataset on our platform configured with the Rudderstack event schema.

In order to forward events from Rudderstack to Kinesis you will need to perform the following steps in the Rudderstack dashboard:

  1. In Rudderstack, navigate to 'Cloud Destinations' then find 'Amazon Kinesis'. Enter a sync name, then click 'Create Sync'.
  2. Click Edit, then enter the following details:
    • AWS Kinesis Stream Name
    • AWS IAM Role Resource Name (ARN)
    • AWS Region: us-east-2
  3. Use the Rudderstack Sources tab to select the events you want to send. You can send all events, but our team recommends choosing the most important events that indicate user engagement on your content.
  4. When finished, enable the destination and save.