Get the details of a model.

This endpoint is used to get the details of a model corresponding to the given model_name. The response contains:

  • created_at: The time when the setup call for the model was made.

  • model_name: The name of the model.

  • status: Possible values defined in the table below.

SCHEDULINGThe resources for your model are being allocated.
FETCHINGThe data for your model to train on is being fetched.
TRAININGYour model is training on the fetched data.
DEPLOYINGYour model is deploying.
ACTIVEYour model has been successfully deployed and is ready for inference!
ERRORThere was an issue with the creation of your model.
  • input_schemaThe schema passed in at setup time used to create the model.

  • trained_at: The last time the model was trained.


Training and deploying may take some time (depending on the amount of data). Until the status of the model is ACTIVE, calls to Rank will fail. Once the model is ACTIVE, it will remain ACTIVE until you delete it.