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To allow Shaped to connect to your MongoDB database, you need to create a read-only user and share those credentials through the Create Dataset endpoint. You can create a read-only user on a MongoDB database instance with the following commands:

# 1. Connect to MongoDB instance and switch to the database.
mongo --host <host> --port <port> --username <username> --password <password>
use <database_name>

# 2. Create a user with read-only access to the database.
user: "read_only_user",
pwd: "<password>",
roles: [{ role: "read", db: "<database_name>" }]

# 3. Grant Access to Specific Collection
role: "read_only_collection_role",
privileges: [
resource: {
db: "<database_name>",
collection: "<collection_name>"
actions: ["find"]
roles: []

In MongoDB, read-only access at the database level will automatically grant read access to all collections in the database. If you want to restrict access to a specific collection, you will need to create a custom role.

db.grantRolesToUser("read_only_user", ["read_only_collection_role"]);

Replace host, port, username, password, database_name, and collection_name with the appropriate values for your MongoDB account.

Dataset Configuration

Below are the fields required for the MongoDB dataset connector:

schema_typeMONGODBSpecifies the connector schema type, in this case "MongoDB".
config.useryour_userAccess account username.
config.passwordpAssw0rd1!Access account password.
config.collectionmoviesThe name of the MongoDB collection to sync.
config.databasemovielensThe name of the database that contains the collection to sync.
config.start_date2023-01-01T00:00:00Optional. The start for which to start filtering records from, helpful for large collections.
config.replication_keyupdated_atOptional. The name of the column that contains a datetime key or ascending id for ordering data during incremental syncs.

Dataset Creation Example

Below is an example of a MongoDB dataset connector configuration:

dataset_name: mongodb_dataset
schema_type: MONGODB
user: your_user
password: pAssw0rd1!
collection: movies
database: movielens
replication_key: updated_at

The following payload will create a MongoDB dataset and begin syncing data from Shaped using the Shaped CLI.

shaped create-dataset --file dataset.yaml